by Kathy James

Well done!!

I’d like to start by saying thank you to everybody who took part in the naturebites birdrace. Your enthusiasm has wowed me!

We started last Thursday with a team in East Yorkshire and a team in Shropshire, on Friday Norfolk joined in, on Saturday Anglesey, the West Midlands and Hampshire had a go and on Sunday five teams scoured Anglesey, two poured over Gwynedd, a snow-clad team trudged their way around Leicestershire and a solitary fellow stood on a Scottish Island looking skywards! Norfolk evidently felt it needed another chance and so a second Norfolk race took place on Tuesday. Finished. Now I just need everybody’s results in.

Everybody has really done me proud. I’ve not even met some of you and yet your passion for birds had you outdoors for six hours in torrential rain, wind and snow (I won’t tell you that on Sunday when my team went out it was a lovely sunny day). There are two things I’m especially impressed by; one is the extraordinary scores people achieved and secondly, and more importantly in my eyes, the other is the effort by those professed “non-birders” who went out there and birded their hearts out!!

I am still waiting for species lists in from all the teams so you’ll have to wait just a little while longer to find out how you did!

Once I have the lists in we will also be able to choose a ‘best bird’ together. I know what my best bird of the day was… so if you want to email me at with yours and a story or few words to accompany it I would be very grateful.

Thank you once again for all your efforts and I’ll be in touch soon with the results. Good luck! xxx

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