by Kathy James


I wanted to share with you the magical terns at Cemlyn using the new-fangled medium of video…however, it would appear that I cannot upload videos on to my blog. Instead my cunning plan is to share the videos via my ‘naturebites’ facebook page. Apologies to those who aren’t logged on to facebook, but those who are please have a “shufty”!

You may have seen similar (and somewhat better quality) footage earlier this week on Springwatch. It was filmed on the same day unbeknownst to me and using a proper television camera, not me sticking my camera down a telescope! So if you can’t watch my inferior video on facebook, you can always watch Springwatch episode 10 on iplayer.

Hope you enjoy! And if you do… why not visit the thriving colony of terns at Cemlyn where we have record numbers! There are now over 2500 nests, over 2000 of which belonging to Sandwich Terns. It’s quite a spectacle!

Much ‘Spring’ love,

Kathy x

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